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Buddy Plant is a Comedian, Musician and the new breed of Cannabis Emissary who uses the power of social media, the internet and now television, to garner an ever growing fan base and to spread the message of Cannabis and its benefits, through the use of memes, animation, video, music, podcasts and more.

Based out of Hollywood California, Buddy ensembles his comedic material in a way that not only entertains, but also educates and motivates the viewer while giving them a mainstream peek into the rapidly expanding world of the Cannabis culture and an industry that is estimated to be worth 35 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

Buddy is known for his catchy crafted Cannabis related songs like his hit song "Puff Puff Pass" or his current hit "Somewhere It's 420 (Right Now), as well as his animated Cannabis related cartoons and LIVE appearances. He is also known for his animated debates with the likes of anti-marijuana celebrities like Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Grace or Ann Coulter.

After being nominated for one of the 2014 Cannabis Business Awards in the category of MVP Awards, and through his wide range of entertainment engagements, Buddy has reached many people with his branded message and his branded name.

Buddy has a rather unusual "origin of birth" story prior to his celebrity status in the flesh that you now see. He got his "big break" in a reoccurring role on the animated cartoon web series "The Smithsshow.com"  where he advocates for Cannabis and Medical Marijuana rights.

Buddy literally started as a cartoon character, fashioned in the look of his human creator, who got a huge positive response from both Medical Marijuana patients and recreational users all around the globe.

After being asked to do live appearances and realizing that there was a need for "Buddy" in the flesh, he then came to "life," through the alter ego of comedian, musician, artist, creator and ( you guessed it ) Medical Marijuana patient, Raymond Plant de St.Claire.

Buddy's current engagements are as a Media Guest, Master Of Ceremonies, DJ. Comedian or Musical Artist.

Buddy has also now signed with the FilmOn Network and has his own broadcast channel where his original content can be viewed in both SD and HD. He can be found in the "Party Channel" section under "Buddy Plant".

Buddy is currently in the pre-production stage of his newest mass media comedic avenue "The Buddy Plant Show" as well as "One Plant It" the show

that will bring the viewer behind the scenes of the movers, shakers and product innovators in this fast growing industry.

You can find further info and his material, on his " highly " funny website at www.buddyplant.com or on social media like, FacebookTwitter, Pintrest and more.

So don't kill anymore time because after all…  that kills eternity... and come join Buddy Plant, the " medicated for your safety " artist comic dude with his original brand of music and comedy. 

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EMAIL: ds@itsahuman.com


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