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Comedian BUDDY PLANT Interviews NANCY GRACE On Marijuana
A very hot topic of conversation this week about some comments that journalist and mediator NANCY GRACE said, on the air, concerning legalizing Marijuana in the United States.
Watch BUDDY as he struggles to understand just about anything Nancy Grace has to say… especially when its absurd.
Comedian and Cannabis Emissary BUDDY PLANT explains to BILL O'REILLY that anxiety effects everyone in the world and there is a cure…

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Comedian and Cannabis Emissary BUDDY PLANT interviews the infamous ANN COULTER.
Comedian and Cannabis Emissary BUDDY PLANT interviews the infamous conservative GOP mouthpiece ANN COULTER on Marijuana. Part one of this interview is cut short due to Buddy's "technical difficulties" dealing with his guest during the first three minutes.buddyviews_Ann_Coulter.html
Back by popular demand! The 2nd debate between Buddy Plant and Bill O'Reilly

Comedian and Cannabis Emissary Buddy Plant debates newsman Bill O'Reilly once again on the subject of Marijuana in this 4 minute exchange of "ideas" centered around O'Reilly's dislike for Marijuana and Buddy's dislike for O'Reilly.buddyviews_o_rielly_interview_2.html