Buddy smokes the right stuff this time as he meets a haunting celebrity and learns that he is more than just a name.

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Buddy brings to light the fact that a distant relative discovered marijuana and its medicinal properties.Stand_up___A_plant_descovers_Plants.html
Buddy comes up with a solution to the current frustration that we all have with the current government these days.Stand_up___3_New_Parties.html
Buddy finds himself in a dream of sorts as U.S. President Obama and Congress ask for his advice on legalizing Marijuana Oh... yes he did…Stand_up___Buddy_does_Congress.html
Buddy is asked to participate in some "Cannabis Research" by a scientific company so his input can be used for future standards and guidelines. 
What were they thinking?Stand_up___Buddy_Plant_takes_a_Plole.html
Buddy talks about his non profit camp for wayward plants, “ Camp Buddy Plant” and how it gives all the plants that were headed down the wrong road in life a second chance and a clean slate, once they graduate from Buddy’s program.Stand_up___Camp_Buddy_Plant.html
Buddy smokes the right stuff this time as he meets a haunting celebrity and learns that he is more than just a name.
Comedian and Cannabis Emissary BUDDY PLANT
holds a "Press Conference" about his recent decision to be the first human "Pot-reprenuer" on the planet Mars.

It comes "highly" recommended to watch as Buddy does what Buddy does best…He "blazes" up, out and into history.

Come save Mars with Buddy and legalize Cannabis today.Stand_up___Buddy_Plant_goes_to_Mars.html